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23 Sep
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How much do you know about Mexico?

How much do you know about Mexico?




Mexico is in the North of America and it has limited by the borders of United States, Pacific Ocean, Guatemala, Belize, Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico.

If you take a look at  you’ll find so many useful information about any country or city you’re willing to know about, so what do we know about Mexico’s attractions?

1- You should try horseback riding tours, 15 km riding at the eastern part of Oaxaca City. You’ll encounter a wonderful breathtaking natural view.

2- If you’re searching for something more exciting and thrilling, so six flags amusement park is the best choice for you. There are rides for any ages!

Some must see rides are: Superman 3D, Medusa rollercoaster, VR

3- Another unbelievable suggestion for the visitors who enjoy nature is the largest floral park in the world, Jardines de Mexico (Gardens of Mexico.

Be aware of the hot weather; if you’re going to visit be sure that you have an umbrella and many water bottles unless you’ll have to buy lots of expensive water!

4-Mexico culinary tours are for the visitors who are interested in street foods and tasting foods they’ve never tasted; also you’ll gain so much information about the city’s restaurants after the tour.

You’re going to experience enjoyable relaxed time with knowledgeable guides; you’re free and have a lot of time to ask any question in your mind.

5- Are you a dreamer? Do you want a chance to live your dreams for once in your life?

So Living Dreams Mexico is a must place for you!

There are a lot of dreamy tours: Aquatic turtle dream, Coba Mayan jungle, Coba wild monkey, Discover Tulum and Coba, Dream Chichen Itza, Dream underground worlds.

If you experience any of them, you’ll never forget it in your lifetime.

If you wish to know more about Mexico, travelers’ experiences, Photos, Reviews you can visit National Geographic. 

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