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28 Nov
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Sometimes it happens that we are a house guest and want to stay for more than one day in our host’s house. To have a good time together or disastrous one depends on how we act while we are at our host’s house. Here are some points to remember in order to enjoy our stay in someone else’s house.


Make your arrival and departure time specific

When you plan to stay over somewhere it’s better to inform the host about the exact day you get there and the day you leave. If your host accepts the mentioned day remember not to make it longer than expected.

Be on time and leave on time.


Respect your host’s time

Don’t be there earlier than you have planned together because your host may not be ready to have you. Don’t show up later either because your host may be upset about being waited for you.


Communicate about your comings and goings

Tell your host exactly about the times you come and go and during your arrivals make sure that you are quiet and don’t make any noise. If you want to change your plan, then tell your host about it.


Know about your host expectations

Ask your host about any expectations that they may exist relating to your staying there on the first day. Be flexible with whatever your host asks you to do. Ask if you are expected to share meals with them or at which time they would prefer you to turn out the lights. It is especially important to accept that others have to live in the house, too.


Share the bathroom respectfully

If there is only one bathroom in the house to use, then ask them when it is convenient for you to use it. There is always some considerations to use the room properly.


Avoid eating anything you want

While you are staying in the house as a guest house it is not proper to eat whatever you want without permission. Watch out for the leftovers or expensive items that may not be replaced easily.


Show respect and help

When you are a guest try to respect your host’s taste or ideas. Try to be a helping hand in the house or at least do your own chores like doing your laundry. It’s a good idea to help for making meals.


Show gratitude

On the first day of your arrival have a gift for your host to show your gratitude and on the last day of your staying thank your host for everything.


It is not hard to be a house guest in some body’s house and with some considerations, everything will be wonderful for both the guest and the host.

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