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28 Sep
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Have you ever wondered about the hotel ratings? How are the hotels are rated and why a five-star hotel becomes a five star one and why a three star gets three stars? What are the things that make them different?

For one thing, let’s start with saying that staring or rating hotel is not the same in different countries. A four-star hotel in the US is different from the same star hotel in Australia. They maybe have the same number of stars but their service is not necessarily the same. They can be similar but not exactly the same. So, the service given in each country is mostly based on the culture and other local factors that make it different from country to country. But in general what you can expect from each star hotel can be like the following:


For 1-star hotels, the things that you can expect are basic room options, shared bathrooms in some cases and a vending machine.

For 2-star hotels, there are basic room options, a color TV, and a bar/restaurant.

For 3-star hotels, multiple room options, restaurant, gym and business facilities are expected.

For 4-star hotels, multiple room and suite options, restaurants and bars, business facilities, concierge, swimming pool, gym, and crèche should be there.

For 5-star hotels, Luxury accommodation with all of the above facilities and more is expecting.


These are the basic factors needed for each hotel but as it was said they can be different from place to place. So, if you really want to be sure about the hotel you are going to stay, it’s better to check the facilities offered by the hotel either on the line or by directly calling them.

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