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17 Mar
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For some countries when holidays come there will be a one to two weeks gap between the usual activities and the holidays. The following article will let you know how not to forget about the language you are learning during those days.


Practice everyday

No matter what you are doing during your holidays, you must find time to practice your English. Find the time that you have your concentration and practice whatever you have in your hand. But DON’T pass a single day without practicing.


Choose the best possible way

What do we mean by saying choose the best possible way? Well, you may be traveling then you don't have time to stop and read your notes or books then listen to music. English music is the best way to keep you in touch with the language. Or you may not be able to listen to music then watch a movie in English. This is why we say to choose the best possible way. It can be music, movie, cartoon or simply chit chat English with the people around you or your friends. So, look around and find the best way for you.


Don't forget to review

If you have enough time you should not only practice every day but you should also review the subjects before to have a general idea about them. Reviewing helps you to refresh your memory and therefore you keep the old matters in your mind for later usage.


Do it as fun

Learning English doesn't have to be a burden for you especially during the holidays. Holidays are there for you to enjoy therefore try to enjoy your studying and have fun at the same time.


By considering the above points you can enjoy your free times and at the same time, you don't have that gap which is between you and the usual days. Enjoy your holidays and don't forget to enjoy it in English.


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