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2 Oct
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We all like to have a long but healthy life, but how can we stay healthy?

There are some food that if we use them properly then our health will be guaranteed. Here is the list of that food.


Our body needs proteins to keep our muscles and tissues healthy. Meat and eggs are two major sources of protein but the egg is better in that it doesn’t have any fat. So, supply your protein by using eggs.

Milk and yogurt

Our bones need calcium to be strong and for calcium to be regulated Vitamin D is essential. Milk and yogurt are both rich with calcium and Vitamin D. So, don’t forget to put them on your list.


The next most needed food on your list should be fish. Fish is rich in omega 3 that is needed to prevent heart attack or high blood pressure. Have fish twice a week and you will see how your health improves.


All kind of fruits are good for our body but grapes are special. They have antioxidants that fight cancer. They regulate our blood sugar and blood pressure among other benefits that they have.

Olive oil

Don’t miss Olive Oil. Have it with your salad or any meal you like to fight with stroke or any heart diseases because olive oil has monounsaturated fatty acids.


All berries apart from being fruits that are rich in fiber have antioxidants that are a major fighter against cancer. Different berries have different benefits too. Blueberries have anthocyanin that boosts our memory as we grow older. Strawberries are a good source of Vitamin C.


Avocado with its monounsaturated fats lowers the cholesterol in our body and prevent our body from any heart diseases.


Potassium is an element needed for our body and cannot be found in all kinds of fruits but tomatoes are rich in potassium. It also helps our electrolytes to be balanced.



Beans are a good source of proteins and the advantage they have is that they don’t contain fats and have fiber which helps our muscle repairs and regulates our digestion process.


Nuts help us to keep our memory sharp by giving your body the elements needed like copper and manganese.


By having these 10 foods in your list of diet you will have a better and healthier lifetime. Enjoy eating and living together.


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