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12 Oct
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fat food




We all have heard about junk foods and the harm they have for our body. They are rich in fat and cholesterol that cause heart diseases and other harmful issues for our health. When we talk about junk food we all think about fast food, but what about healthy food? Do you think that all healthy food that is on our list is really healthy and good for us? Well, think again. There are some healthy foods that are really junk foods and here is a list of them.


Salad dressings

Vegetable and salads are wonderful for us and our health but they don’t have any taste if there is nothing added to them. The salad dressing that we use most of the time is full of harmful ingredients like sugar, trans fats, and vegetable oils. So, next time you are having a bowl of salad make sure what type of salad dressing you are using.


Fruit juices

You think that drinking a glass of fruit juice is nice and healthy. But the pity is that all the fruit juices in supermarkets are loaded with sugar and the real fruit is actually a very small percentage of the product. So, try to have fresh fruit juices only or you just having a glass of sugary water.



People hear about the fat in butter and know how harmful it can be for our heart so they look for a replacement and they think margarine is better. Guess what? You are wrong. Margarine is not food and it is made of chemicals and refined oils and is as harmful as butter.


Sports drinks

These drinks are made for athletes who sweat a lot and lose electrolytes (salt and sugar) yet ordinary people use them which is not good.


Vegan junk food

These days being a vegan is popular. They have their own special diet and there is some special food for them in the markets. But not all of them are really healthy. Not only for them but for anybody. Vegan bacon is one example that is not as healthy as it sounds.


Brown rice syrup

It is a sweetener that is assumed to be healthy. Brown rice syrup contains no refined fructose, just glucose. It has no calorie at all Most breakfast cereals They say they have “low fat” and “whole grain” but when you look at the ingredients you see there are things that are not good for our health at all. Lots of sugary things and artificial chemicals are used in them.

So, be sure what kind of cereal you buy and eat. These were just a few foods mentioned that are supposed to be healthy which actually are not.

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