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3 Apr
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You can find Argan oil in a small fruit with small seeds. This is so nutritious as goats climb the trees to eat this wonderful fruit.

Morrocan Argan forests indigenous have extracted this valuable oil from this fruit for so many years and use that as food additives and also for wound healing and nourishing hair and skin. These slow-growing trees are too valuable as they have been designated as one of the biosphere resources by UNESCO.

Argan oil fields of uses during the history: using this oil is not only limited to Morocco. It’s used for skin infection treating and insect stings by the people around the world.  It’s also used as hair and skin conditioner.

One the major reasons for its healing properties is that this oil is full of vitamin A and vitamin E and also a huge amount of Anti-oxidants, Omega 6 fatty acids, and Linoleic acid. Studies suggest that applying this oil on your skin simultaneously decreases inflammation and hydrates your skin.

Using it externally helps to increase cell production and keeps your skin and hair healthy. That’s why cosmetic companies are this oil in producing anti-age and skin and hair productions. The good news is that you don’t have to buy expensive cosmetic and health products to take advantage of it, you can just buy different amounts of this oil from pharmacies and stores at a low price.

Argan oil benefits for skin: it has a lot of benefits for skin which help you to have a soft, bright and healthy skin. It’s full of different ant-oxidants and necessary fatty acids have great healing properties. You should just apply a little amount of that on your skin and massage your skin before going to bed; you will see that how your skin changes in the near future.

Air pollution and sun rays damage our skin, so our skin will be full of free radicals. This radical’s decreases skin humidity and cause dryness. This, on the other hand, causes soon aging skin. While vitamin E blocks free radicals and increases the humidity of your skin.

Sensitive skins need a careful and complicated cleaning and humidity procedures. But you can simply apply this oil on your skin before sleeping to nourish your sensitive skin.

This oil, which is rich in vitamin E and has a high anti-oxidant content, is a complete anti-inflammatory agent. People who suffer acne can use this oil and those annoying acne will fade and disappear.

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