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24 Jan
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Do you think that having a hard name to pronounce has a negative effect on others? Well, the following article tells you about that.


You may think that it's not fair to think of someone negative because they have a hard first name or last name to pronounce. But a 2012 study, by Researchers University, found that people with more complicated last names are judged more negatively.

In one experiment included in the study, undergraduate participants read a mock newspaper article about a man running for an upcoming local council election. Some participants read about a man with a relatively easy-to-pronounce last name (Lazaridis or Paradowska); others read about a man with a harder-to-pronounce name (Vougiouklakis and Leszczynska).

As it turns out, participants who'd read about the man with the simpler name said that candidate was a better fit for the government position than participants who'd read about the man with the more complicated name.


Now you see this is a scientific fact that people with harder names for others to pronounce will have a negative effect. So, it's better to choose a suitable name for your children when they are born.

On the contrary of the hard name to pronounce if you have a nice way of acting then it may change people's opinion about you.

It makes logical sense that the nicer and more altruistic you seem, the more people will like you. But some science suggests otherwise.

You may think that you can have a choice about your first name but what about your last name? That's true but the way that you can overcome the negative result of your hard last name is to act in a way that people start loving you despite your hard name to pronounce.


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