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12 Sep
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hard times




All of us have experienced the times that were not our favorite. Sometimes it happens that we have to do some things that we don’t like. Having that hard driving test or spending our holidays with the ones who are not our types can be just examples as such.

What should we do to cope with the difficult situations? Here are some tips for you.


Be aware of the task.

Often, what we think is hard turns out not to be such a big deal. You might think that there's too much to study for your public exams when actually you can still find time to enjoy yourself. Write down what it is you have to do, ask people who've gone through it before and evaluate how bad it truly is.


Identify what it is that you don't like.

There are some things that are near-universally unpleasant, but in certain cases, we simply don't want to do something based on a minor factor. I knew a person who hated going on school trips because of homesickness but had no problem doing sleepovers with friends. It rested simply on the fact that he associated one with "school", while the other with "friends". When he realized that school trips are no worse than going on a slightly more rigorous sleepover, his fear went away and he ended up enjoying them. Prepare yourself in advance.

For whatever you have to do make a plan.

Make a decision from before about what you are going to do the task on your way. If it is an exam make a timetable for it and make yourself ready for that. If it is a trip make yourself prepared by taking and gathering the things that you may need there. All in all, I to be ready in advance makes you far more relaxed and in control of the situation, you don’t like.


Try to enjoy it!

If we try to have a positive attitude towards everything then the hardest or the most unwanted situations can become tolerable. For example, if you have an exam think of it as an opportunity that it gives you to meet your friends. Or if you are going away on an unwanted trip think of all the new experiences that you could have while traveling and we never know about them in advance.


See the goal/end.

Sometimes the final result of something is our goal, so tolerating the hard situation gives you a big reward and that is your target. Imagine you have overcome your unwanted time and enjoy thinking about the goal of doing that.


Don't be too harsh on yourself.

Don't be overly hard on the way you're coping with the task. If you're trying your best, get over any lapse - we're only human after all. Of course, try to see where you can improve, but excessively high standards are just counterproductive. You should feel worse about perfectionist expectations than anything that goes wrong.


Reward yourself.

Give yourself treats where you can - buy the odd sweet you have once in a while, watch a funny film, do something you enjoy. Perhaps you can avoid doing certain things you love in your everyday life and save them for such moments - making them even more special.

Other than these tips if there is anything else that can help you to go through the tough situations don’t hesitate and take those steps.


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