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15 Nov
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There are many broken families and divorces around the world but there are still some couples who are living together happily and enjoy each other’s company. What is or are their secret(s)? Here are some factors that can be shared with you to know about their secrets.


They fall asleep at the same time

Happy couples try to adjust their times in a way to have the same bedtime as their spouse.

It’s not good for one spouse to go to bed and the other staying up and be busy with whatever they like. If it is not possible to have the same bedtime, then try to find a private time together during the day.


They are not afraid to go to bed mad

Yes, even happy couples fight with each other but the key is they don’t argue for a long time and don’t say words that they may regret the next day. Instead, they sleep and try to talk about it the day after. The fresh mind and ideas may help the situation later. But they don’t try to pretend that nothing happened last night and by a fresher idea they try to solve the problem.


They have their own friends

To have a close relationship doesn’t mean to spend all the time together. In a happy family, the man and wife have their own group of friends to spend their time with. The going out guys and girls not only doesn’t take away their happiness but also enriches their love bond.


Not too honest in fight

They try not to hurt their spouse’s feelings even while they are fighting. It happens for couples when they have a fight they start saying things that hurt the other side bad. Try not to be so harsh and too much honest about the truth.


Kids are not always first

Some women who are married and have kids put their kids first in the family. But it is not always right. Both partners should know that the other side has its own priorities that should be considered too.


Holding hands

Happy couples are more likely to hug and hold hands in public than less happy ones. Not only does hand-holding make it harder to argue, but it also lowers tension and levels of the stress hormone cortisol. It serves as an emotional reassurance that you’re a couple and a team; you’re not just on your own.


Breaking up is not an option

Even though there might be problems with the family happy couples never consider separation for their problems. They try to find a way to make everything better and smoother.


Keep score of good acts

It’s always good to remember the good things that you have done for each other. Keeping score of them together makes you do more goods for each other.


Having a happy marriage is not a dream it just needs working hard for it.


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