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25 Oct
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Halloween has been celebrated from so many years ago and still is going on. After the Christmas celebration, Halloween gets the second position in the most famous and celebrated ceremonies. If you know the origin of these kinds of carnivals and worldwide ceremonies it will be more interesting for you, but unfortunately, there are a lot of people who don’t know anything about the facts and history.

Some people consider Halloween as a chance to party, putting on strange and weird customs and makeups, on the other hand, the other group call it a scary celebration which is more about devils, ghosts, and some other same scary things.

What is the Halloween history? It’s on October 31st. It’s considered a pagan celebration which is about hollow eves, and someone says that in this holiday we honor dead. It is before the all saints day that has created by Christians against the pagan holiday.

What is the Halloween origin? There a lot of different kinds of stories and origins about Halloween, different countries with different cultures consider this celebration in different ways but there are still some traditional customs and stories which have stayed the same in every culture.

The origin of Halloween dates back to Samhain celebration, Celt tribe which was living in Ireland, Britain, and France 2000 years ago celebrated the new year on the first day of November, it was known as a celebration for the end of the summer and beginning of dark and cold season and also they believed that more people die at this season.

They also believed that the day before the New Year the boundaries between the material world and death will be lighter, so priests can predict better.

Superstitions of Halloween

These superstitions started at Celt’s time, they set up a dinner table for ghosts, also lighting candles for ghosts to help them find their way to the other world.

They believed that triangles are sacred, so walking under ladders will bring you misfortune! They also avoid breaking glasses and mirrors, walking on cracks or pouring salt in the days near to Halloween.

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