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1 Feb
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However black tea is more popular and 84 percent of tea production is devoted to this kind of tea, but green tea is being produced more than black tea. The main important reason of this huge amount of production is its effect on losing weight.

It can help you to lose weight. Several studies have shown that flavonoids and caffeine in green tea can help increase metabolism, increase fat oxidation and even insulin production. Another study also suggests that who consume green tea and caffeine while keeping their usual diet in 12 weeks lost an average of 1.5 kilograms of their weight.

You don’t have to drink too much green tea to lose weight. While the effect of green tea on losing weight can be different due to your daily activities, but an average of drinking 2.5 glasses of green tea is always effective.

Green tea has different kinds and some of them are more effective in losing weight. If you want to take advantages of its benefits and also lose weight, you better choose Macha. This kind of green tea is full of nutrition and Anti-Oxidants. The whole leaf is crushed and grilled and it’s also used as part of a drink unlike most other types of green tea in which leaves are only soaked and then consumed.

You should be careful not to boil the water while you’re brewing the green tea because it keeps away all the rich nutrients from the tea such as Cathicine. First, you better boil the water and wait for 10 minutes, add the water to the tea and wait a minute to have a brewed tea. Now, you can drink.  

Green tea has many health benefits. It contains many compounds and nutrients, including antioxidants, anti-cancer compounds and essential for brain health. Despite all the explanations Isabel smith the nutritionist says: “Regardless of how you make or drink tea, all types of green tea contain healthy nutrients.

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