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25 Oct
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Greece with its great beaches and mountain sceneries is still an attraction for many tourists from around the world. Athens is its biggest city with lots of historical sites to visit. If you travel to Greece there are some hints to consider about and are mentioned here.


Use cheaper accommodation

Try to use independent accommodation as they are cheaper than the hotels around the island. Using villas and other resorts will cost you less and you will have more options to eat and entertain yourself.


Avoid peak season

If you are planning to travel to Greece then try to avoid going there during summer time, because it’s very hot and overcrowded with tourists and the locals. It gets better in July to August, because the weather is not as hot as summer anymore but it is still warm. The best time to go there is late September and early October while the sea still is warm and enjoy.



Don’t miss the mainland

Don’t forget to visit the mainland with its special fun and attractions. Because some people are just attracted to the islands and miss the mainland’s fun.


Eat and drink like locals

When you travel to a new place try to experience the new food too. Go to the restaurants that locals usually go and don’t try to drink bottled water because the tap water is potable.


Go island hopping

There are many beautiful islands that you can go to but most visitors prefer to stick to one of them per holiday. If you travel to the islands go back to your departure city one or two days before your departure.


No punctuality

Try to get used to the time in Greece because they are in no hurry whatsoever. If you go to a restaurant don’t expect to have the service immediately or for transportation, there is always delay for everything. They don’t believe in rushing.


Be culturally sensitive

Although the younger generation in Greece is not very much restricted to their beliefs yet the older ones are. So if you go to the churches or religious places try to dress conservatively.


Regulations and directions

If you ask five Greeks how to get somewhere you’ll get five different answers. But don’t worry – getting a bit lost is all part of the fun. It’s similar to rules and regulations such as having to wear seatbelts or crash helmets, or not smoking in public places. These are all regularly ignored but it’s up to you whether you follow suit.


Be careful in the capital

Athens is not as safe as you may think. So if you go to crowded places like metro take care of your valuable belongings. Learn some Greek Greeks know that most people don’t know their language, so most of them know how to speak English. But they get very much happy if you try to learn some words in Greek and it may be rewarded somehow.


So, next time you plan to travel to Greek you know what month is good to go and what restaurants and accommodations are better for you.

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