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26 Nov
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China wall as we all know is a fabulous piece of architecture that has been made by man. It is more than 2000 years old and it is not only a wall but a collection of walls and castles. Let’s look at more information about this wonder of our world.


Where is it located?

If you have traveled to Beijing, then you can easily reach the wall. In general, it is located in the northern part of China. It passes from 15 states in the country.


How long is it?

The wall is about 21196-kilometer-long which makes it the longest wall in the world and if you are curious to know how tall it is you should know that its height is between 4 to 11 meters.


Why was it built?

The wall was built first to protect people during the wartime. The wall also acted as a protective structure for the silk road and the later emperors built it longer and harder for protection.


How was it built?

On the contrary, to its name, the wall is made of different castles and parts and in some parts, the natural obstacles exist like rivers or mountains. Years before the great wall was built the Chinese emperors made different towers and castles built of woods or rocks and sands. But later the buildings were made of breaks and they can be seen on the front gates. 300,000 soldiers, prisoners or slaves were used to building the wall. Thousands of workers were killed while building the wall because the breaks and rocks were heavy to deliver and they were buried in there. Most of the building was done by hands and only part of it they used the rope and pulley system.


When is the best time to visit the wall?

The best time to visit the wall is the first week of May or October but you should expect to see many tourists there during the mentioned time. During winter the wall is covered with snow and the number of tourists decreases dramatically because the wall is very slippery and it is windy most of the time which is not very pleasant for tourists.

Autumn is the month to have a nice visit. The weather is mild and pleasant and the scenery is fantastic. We suggest visiting the wall during May because there is no holiday time in China and it is less crowded and another good thing about the month is that most of the tours are on sale and you can reserve your hotel for less money.


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