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3 Jan
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Grandparents are always full of good advice that if we listen to them then we will experience a better life because they have been there before and now they know how to cope with problems.

Here is some advice from grandparents:


Be kind to others

Love others and respect them under any circumstances. It doesn’t matter what color skin we have, we all are humans and have red blood flowing in our veins so we are all one and should be kind to each other.


Divide chores

Even if you are a housewife, you don’t have to do all the works at home. Leave some chores to others like your husband or children even if it’s only making a cup of coffee. Dividing chores brings closeness in a family.


Don’t cry in front of others

Never let others see you when you cry. If you have to cry do it at home where there is no one else except your husband or wife or the person who loves and understands you. But never let others see you crying to think that you are weak.


Don’t lose hope

Life has many ups and downs. Sometimes you may think that everything is over and it is the end of the world but don’t lose hope under any circumstances.

Don’t forget about the effect of prayer either.


Have a job that you love

Don’t waste your life with doing something that you don’t like. Find a job that you enjoy doing and makes you alive and energetic.


Love yourself

It is essential to love and respect others but you should love and respect yourself too. when you love and respect yourself then others do the same thing.


Anything happens for a reason

Anything that happens is for a reason so never blame yourself for things that happen and may go wrong.


Don’t use virtual world for too long

Put away your cell phones and instead of texting go ahead and visit your loved ones. Nothing is worse than not visiting your loved ones because of the virtual world.


There is a real love for everybody

If you are alone don’t be unhappy. You have a soulmate that sooner or later will be found. So, live in peace until the right time and the right person comes.


These were some advice from our grandparents that may help you through your lifetime.

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