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28 Oct
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Google Maps

Google Maps




This application can help you in a way more than just navigation. if you know about the hidden tricks of this useful application, your life will totally change!

It’s one of the applications which you’ll need most of the time during your travels, so in this case, we can consider technology as a way that has made our life easier for sure. It doesn’t have any difference which country you’re going to visit, it will help you anyway.

1)Setting up a list

It helps you by saving previous navigations, and then you will be able to find them just by clicking on the saved places even when you’re offline. Also, the other way this option makes this application more useful is that you can search attractions and mark them on the map.

2)Sharing and sending location

Have you ever been in a crowded place searching for your friend? By using Google maps you can send the specific location you are to your friend or even find out where is your friend, so you can easily find each other. Also, you can define the showing time of your sent location so this is a highly qualified applicant in terms of security.

3)Finding W.C

If you’re planning to visit India, this option will be in your most-needs list and it’s only available in this country. You can find W.C, shop stores, gas stations or hospitals in Delhi or other cities. We hope that this essential and useful feature will be activated soon in other countries.

4)Finding Parking

This is only available on Beta version for Android phones. It let you know about parking capacities near you at shops, airports or other different places so you won’t waste your time on finding parking anymore.

 So Don't forget to use these features, they make your travels more enjoyable for sure.

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