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22 Nov
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last time we talked about the things that everybody should know about and one of them was Googling. Nowadays, everybody uses the net and google to search for something. It can be from school, work, research or entertainment and even gossips around the world or you name it. Google has it all. But here are some hints for you to have a more effective way of googling.


Use OR

When you are searching for something you normally type some words relating to your question. It’s better to type OR in your research to find out about the proper pages that google gives you.



If you want to know about an exact word or phrase use quotes. For example, if you are looking for the word except put in quoting marks and search for it like “except”. Google gives you the exact meaning.


The symbol – Not

If you don’t want to have a word in your phrase, then use the symbol “- “. For example, if you don’t want to search for dumb then type “-dumb little man”.


Use the symbol ~ for similarities

If you want to find pages for a smart old lady but you don’t want the word smart then type it like this ~smart old lady –smart and you will find pages that have related pages except for the smart lady.


Advanced search

If you are unable to follow the things mentioned, then simply type Google’s advanced search. Then you will have what you are looking for.



When you want to know about the exact meaning of something then type the word define before your question word. For example: define: except then it gives you a list of pages with the definition.



Use the “site:” operator to search only within a certain website. [ leo] will search for the term “Leo” only within this blog.



Use the “movie:” operator to search for a movie title along with either a zip code or U.S. city and state to get a list of movie theaters in the area and show times.


By using the hints mentioned above you can google every day more effectively and be happy with your search.

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