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24 Aug
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How do you feel if you have to make a speech in front of a big audience?

You feel nervous, your palms sweat, your stomach ties itself into knots. You don’t want to do it.

But you can overcome your fear of public speaking with these simple tips!

Get organized:

Being organized helps you to feel relaxed and comfortable with what you are going to do and say. So, before your speech gathers your thoughts and materials, it helps you to focus better.


Like anything else giving a lecture or speech needs some practice before it. think about any points or questions that may pop out in your speech and write out a script of your key points.

Erase the fear of speech from your mind:

Don’t think negatively. Don’t think that the audience may not like your speech? The audience is there to listen to you. So, stay positive.

Focus on patterns:

It’s more acceptable for the audience if you pause and talk in a way that some time is given to them to think about what you want to say. Following the right pattern for your speech is very helpful.

Watch Yourself In The Mirror:

Practice your speech in front of the mirror as if you were speaking directly to someone. If you really want to learn how to improve public speaking skills then…

Pay attention to:

Your facial expressions

Your gestures

Your body movements

How welcoming you appear

When you have gentle expressions when you speak, you will be more welcoming to your audience.

Record yourself and your voice:

By doing so you can have an idea about how you look and sound to the eyes of your audience. It helps you to eliminate the gestures or the mistakes that you may do during your action.

Work On Your Breathing:

When you focus on your breathing your voice will have more resonance and you will relax. Breathe calmly and focus on getting into a rhythm. Although this is a public speaking exercise, breath-work will help reduce stress and improve clarity in all areas of life.

Give Your Speech To Another Person:

There are plenty of people you can practice on. Be sure to tell the person to be completely honest with you in their critique. Examples of people you can practice on:

A significant other

Your friends

Your parents

Speaking directly to another person will help relax you and give you experience with getting feedback from someone. If they have questions about your speech, it is likely that members of an audience will have the same questions.

Have some water before your speech:

It helps your throat to function better especially if some lemon juice is added to it.

Concentrate on the material, not the audience:

If you keep focusing on the people around you then you lose your concentration on your speech. Something that you don’t want to happen.

Of course, there are other things that can help you with your speech but don’t forget the audience comes for you and if you are focused, prepared and relaxed everything will go smoothly and fine.


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