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26 Mar
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Having a strong mentality helps applicants to become successful at job interviews. Asking for a new job is challenging and it takes a lot of energy.

At first, on your resume you should convince human resources manager that you’re deserved to go to the next step, then you’ll meet your future manager at the job interview and you’ll get only a little time to impress them in a way that they choose you between other candidates.

Derek D. Rucker, the manager of Kellogg school of management says that:” You are at your most vulnerable situation when you attend to a job interview and that is to your disadvantage.” He and his colleagues have recently done a research that indicates that thinking about a past experience which you were at your most powerful mood will help you a lot.

Rucker and his partners continued to study the impact of power. They designed an easy strategy which made people feel powerful or powerless in a second and they found out that being in these two different situations can completely affect people’s attitude and give them self-confidence.

Feeling powerful made them compete with a more optimistic mentality, and also they could have more control over their behavior and beating their nerves. These are the key characteristics to become successful.

Their first study sample was 8 Dutch students who they had been asked to write an article about power, some of them wrote about an experience which they were in a powerful situation (being promoted in a part-time job) and the other ones wrote about experiences which they felt powerless at that time (being forced to do something by their manager).

Then they had been asked to write a job application to a management company.

Their application letter was distributed between the other different groups of managers and they were supposed to choose between these letters who are deserved to get the job.

By reviewing the results of the study, the researchers found that the managers were mostly tended to the students with powerful experiences. Actually remembering those experiences helped them to write more impressing letters.

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