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26 Jul
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Get into the world of fictional stories and learn English

fiction for learning English
There are many different ways to improve the way we learn English. Fiction is probably the best among all the genres, because it really opens the world of possibilities needed to read, write and watch content. When we want to learn English, it is crucial that our imaginations run as free as they can. That is because we need our imagination to put together content for the sake of English. This means anything and everything that can be used as tools for improving English skills. Therefore, lets look at what exactly it is that fictional contents bringing to the table, which help us improve our skills in listening and reading.
First and foremost, fictional content can really get into two significant components of human interaction, which are empathy and sympathy. This helps us helps understand the mental states of others and this is key to the creation of understanding. Fiction can also significantly reduce stress. That is because fiction brings the mind out of reality and distracts the audience from everyday routines and problems. It also opens the mind to new possibilities and that allows the audience to consider other alternatives to reality. Therefore, people can understand that things can be different in a world that we usually find to be not so flexible. Fiction can also be a great simulator of reality. It allows for unlikely characters and unlikely events to come together and describe real life issues that otherwise would not be mentioned. Believe it or not, fiction has a profound impact on memory. Reading fiction has been shown to reduce mental decline later in life. In a world where every corner of is tainted with exclusivity, fiction can open new ways of thinking inclusively, which promotes tolerance and cooperation, rather than competition and stoppage. The last amazing factor about fictional content is the extent of vocabulary it can have access to. Studies show that the brains of those who read fiction have much more activity area. This is especially the case for the part of brain that deals with language. It should also be mentioned in short that fiction has a powerful way of improving creativity and pleasure.
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