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22 Oct
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German Foods- Part 2

 German Foods- Part 2



We introduced two German foods in the last article(German foods- Part 1), let’s know what are the other German foods?

3) Leberkse

 This sausage is more delicious than it seems. They shape cow meat and onion into sausages and then cook it to get the brown and gold color. They make a sandwich of this sausage or even eat the fried sausages without any bread.


4) Spätzle

This food is eaten beside the other foods and it’s so popular that you can find it in every traditional German restaurant. This delicious noodle is made of egg, flour, and salt and also making its dough is so easy that you can handle it even at your home. There are a lot of devices which make it easy for us to cook this food, they are like potato crushing machine which is installed on top of the pot. German restaurants serve this food with fruit and brown sugar as dessert.


5) Sauerbraten

This is another meat base food which takes a lot of time to get ready, first, they put a piece of cow meat in ginger and salt for 4 days, then they dip the meat and boil it for long hours. This delicious food is completely cooked and juicy and also is served beside garlic sauce, red cabbage, Spätzle, and dumpling.


6) Schnitzel

Schnitzel is the most important German food and you can find it in other countries too. It’s usually confused with traditional Austrian food.

The process of making is contained of these steps: slam the meat and make a thin layer of that, then cover it with flour and fry it. It’s also served with lemon and the other kinds of this food are served with different kind of sauces.


7) Weißwurst

Germans love sausages and you can see them in every food recipe. There are many different kinds of sausages which have made in different cities of Germany. Weißwurst is a traditional sausage which means white sausage and is usually served at breakfast. They taste meat with cinnamon, Parsley, and lemon. 

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