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21 Oct
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German Food- Part 1

German Food- Part 1




When you travel to a new country you’re not only interested in attractions but also you are interested in finding the best restaurants and knowing about their food culture and their taste. You can find some special kinds of food which are only available in that country and tasting these new foods which you have never seen before is the best part of the travel.

Like other European countries where you can find delicious meat based food, you can these kinds of food in Germany too. The influence of Germany foods is so high that the other countries consider the patent for themselves. An example of this issue is hotdog with German sausages which was called Frankfurter at first. If you’ve never traveled to Germany, you should know that you won’t find the special taste of German foods in anywhere else.

Here we have introduced some of its special food which you shouldn’t miss if you travel there:

1) Pretzel Bread

This is so German that you should be sure that you are eating a German food if you see this bread beside it. Actually these days you can find this bread everywhere in the world and people love its salty taste. This bread is called Laugenbrezel in Germany and you can find it on every breakfast table or in cafés and restaurants.

1) Milbenkäse cheese

As same as Netherlands, you can find cheeses which are specially made in Germany. They’ve got the interesting appearance and a wonderful taste, so you should try these special cheeses in your trip to Germany.

This kind of cheese is the most popular one in the world.They shape some rectangular cheeses from a soft source cheese and then put them in wooden boxes which contain Rye flour and a microscopic insect.The digestive enzymes of this insect help the cheese to get ready as soon as possible, and then you will have the cheese ready after 3 months.

This cheese is made only in the village of Würchwitz in the Saxony-Anhalt area. 

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