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28 Feb
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Fun with friends




Sometimes it’s good to just have some friends over and have fun together. You don’t have to go out and have fun the fun can come to your house if you know what you are doing.

Let’s see what you can do when you invite your friends over.


Staying home and having fun

Have a movie marathon. Choose your favorite movies or television show. Find a free weekend and get your friends together for a spot of binge watching. In between viewings you can discuss what you love about the entertainment and they're your favorite.

Make sure you have lots of food on hand. Snacks make a binge watching weekend more fun.

Make sure to take breaks now and then to stretch or take a walk outside.

Amuse yourselves watching a bad movie, especially a cult classic. You can also do this with a poorly written book. Take turns reading it out loud and see how far each person gets before they are laughing too hard to keep reading. You can even turn it into a game (a drinking game for those over the legal drinking age, or using chocolate/candy as prizes otherwise). Your body will thank you.


Reminisce about old times

This is especially fun if you've been friends for a long time. Talk about things you did together a long time ago. Often your friends will remember things that you don't so you can exchange stories about things you did together.

Try to find things from that time. Look for old notes you passed back and forth or a journal you wrote together. Maybe you made dolls, or played football together. The objects will help you recall more of the times you spent together.


Host a spa day

Invite your friends to come over to give each other manicures, facials, and try out new hairstyles and makeup looks. Mimic spa fare by serving your guests hot tea, fresh fruit, and water with cucumber slices and lemon. Play quiet, relaxing new age music in the background and light a few scented candles to create a relaxing atmosphere for your friends.

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