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10 Oct
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Friends Series

 Friends Series




You’re going to read something you may not know about our beloved series ever “Friends”.

1)Insomnia Cafe’ was supposed to be the name of this series, not Friends! As you know Ross and Rachel are the love part of this series but at first, it was supposed to be Monica and Joey, also Courtney Cox (Monica’s role) was offered to be the Rachel’s role but she refused it because she loved strong characters as Monica.

2)It was a lot of changes in each of the roles, a lot of different actors auditioned for these six roles. On that time Courtney Cox (Monica’s role) was the most famous one because of “Dancing in the Park” music video.

3)You all know the “Smelly Cat”, the song which always was singing by Phoebe, you may be surprised if you know that she didn’t know anything about guitar; actually she didn’t love anything about guitar. They got a guitar teacher for her and taught her some specific chords.

4)The series was always recorded in front of live audiences, the director says” It was always a useful way to see if the jokes work or if people could follow the story? Is it interesting or not?”, but some scenes were not recorded in front of audiences in order to not becoming spoiled.

5)Another amazing thing is about the increasing amount of their salary each season, at first, they earned $22,000 per episode. What’s your guess about the final season?

Yes, $100,000 per episode!!

6)Ross’s monkey role “Marcel” was deleted in season two, because the cast couldn’t get so well with her and each monkey episode took a lot of time.

7)The café they used to be there most of their time,” Central Perk” was not a real Café but it inspired so many people, also a man who was a Friends lover named Du Xin opened a CentralPerk Café in Beijing which became popular.

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