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8 Nov
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Free Wi-Fi

Free Wi-Fi




If you’re going to travel to these cities, you shouldn’t worry about checking your emails, navigating ways, or online restaurant reserving. You’ll easily have access to the internet in most of their public places. It doesn’t have any difference if you’re enjoying your coffee at a Spanish café or you’re visiting Louvre museum or you’re traveling by bus in Seoul, you can easily be in touch with your family and friends.


You can easily tell your friends what you are doing at that time when you’re walking on the beach or visiting colorful and attractive buildings during your dreamy travel to Barcelona.


This may be one of the most isolated cities in the Australia but this doesn’t mean that you can’t access the internet. The free and unlimited internet service has provided in almost every cafes, hotels and airport.


It has been known as a city to have the fastest internet line in the world for a long time. You already can use the internet while you’re walking in streets. It has provided in every part of the city included airports, parks and museums, taxi, bus and also subway!


Paris, the city of light, is the city of communications. Despite 200 points equipped to the internet in the city, you can easily have access in different places. Obviously, you’re going to have internet in famous places like Notre Dame Cathedral, Louvre museum, and other attractions too.


In the capital of Finland, you won’t need any password to connect to the internet and you can talk to your friends and families, check your emails and enjoy the beauties of the city simultaneously. The largest free communication network of Helsinki is in downtown but that doesn’t stop you connecting to the internet in the other places. This is included buses and taxies too.

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