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26 Sep
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Ford Mustang

 Ford Mustang




When Mustang was introduced publicly for the first time by Ford in 1964, it attracted a lot of attention from every level of society.

The word ‘Mustang’ was used for wild horses before introducing this great car, then Ford introduced a car which you’ll never forget it, even after too many years people love Mustangs deep down their heart.

The first Mustang was sold in Canada, after that the car was able to achieve successful sales in the North American market. This car has been through a wide range of technical and apparent changes over 51 years.

The main challenge and competition between car factories such as Chevrolet, Pontiac and Dodge began from the time Mustang entered the market.

A detailed archive of Mustang’s history has been published in order to not being forgotten, it contains a lot of unbelievable points make everyone astonished but unfortunately, just a few number of people are aware of them even real Mustang lovers!

1-when the Mustang production mission was carried out, the car has the same speed as a formula one car. The main aim of designing Mustang was to defeat Chevrolet.

2-They used this sentence for advertising:” you’re going to look more attractive with Mustang.” they were a man and a woman smoking cigarettes beside a Mustang.

3-Mustang’s second design was originally done by George Jetson.

4-It’s been said that the design of Mustang and it’s style was influenced by Alfa Romeo Model.

5-Alfa Romeo was made based on the order of Ghia’s company and then by a restaurant owner who ordered a specific back seat model for keeping his dog during driving.

5-Lee Iacocca, Mustang’s father is still alive! He’s 91 years old, writing his experiences about how to be a better manager.

6-Famous designer, Giorgio Jiajiru designed a Mustang with Lamborghini doors.

7-IMSA model is the best racing car which was never made. It was special because of Recaro seats, special racing belts, and florescent dashboard lights which gave you the ability to detect the scales even in the direct sunlight.

8-Mach 1 model had rotational seat, the security is guaranteed even by its engineers. 

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