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30 Nov
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What is food addiction?

Food is essential for our body no doubt about that but there are some people who eat in a way that it causes them illness. They cannot ignore eating them and it is called food addiction.

Let’s look at the causes and symptoms of this disorder.


What causes food addiction?

Food addiction is likely the culmination of several factors that interplay in the overall cause of this disorder.  A man or woman may develop an addiction as a result of biological, psychological, or social reasons.  Biological causes that may influence the progression of a food addiction might include hormonal imbalances, abnormalities in various brain structures, side effects from the use of certain medications, or having family members with this type of addiction issues.


Signs and symptoms


Gorging on more food than one can physically tolerate

Eating to the point of feeling ill

Going out of your way to obtain certain foods

Continuing to eat certain foods even if no longer hungry

Eating in secret, isolation

Avoiding social interactions, relationships, or functions to spend time eating certain foods.

Difficulty function in a career or job due to decreased efficiency

Spending significant amount of money on buying certain foods for bingeing purposes

Decreased energy, chronic fatigue

Difficulty concentrating

Sleep disorders, such as insomnia or oversleeping




Digestive disorders

Suicidal ideations



By seeking the appropriate help and care you need, you can find the resources to address your food addiction in an effective manner.  Thankfully, there are specialized food addiction treatment centers that can help you approach this disorder in a holistic and comprehensive manner.  Food addiction treatment centers offer multi-specialty treatment that will focus on and address medical issues and nutritional concerns while integrating psychotherapy.

Attempting to deal with your food addiction alone can possibly further draw you into fear or isolation.  Having guidance, help, and support from an eating disorder center that treats food addiction, specialist, or support group can provide you or your loved one with the tools and resources you need to recover and heal from a food addiction.


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