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27 Mar
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You can find different variety of food in Istanbul and also it has a lot of expensive and luxury restaurants. If you don’t have enough money to go to these restaurants or even if you don’t have enough time, we are going to introduce you some of the best Turkish street food in this article and you can easily find them and buy them to a low price.

1) Simit

Turkish food lovers can resist this delicious crispy food. This is such as American Bagel which is consumed as breakfast. The interesting thing is that even Simits with past expiration date are used as Salmon food.

2) Balik – Ekmek

It’s the second most popular food in Istanbul which is mostly known as the fish sandwich and you can find them in Karakoy and Eminonu beach. You may choose to eat this sandwich under the Galata Bridge but it will be more enjoyable if you walk and eat.

3) Lahmacun

Tourists usually call it Turkish pizza. It’s a simple dish that is poured on a battered bread of chopped meat, onions and red peppers then it poured into a frying pan then they consume it hot.  It usually serves with fresh lemon and parsley and a glass of dough. Every neighborhood has its own Lahmacun. Best of them are served in “Kadikoy” strict and at “Halil Lahmacun” restaurant and “Borsam Tas Firin” restaurant and also in “Arnavutkoy” neighborhood at “Fistik Kebap” restaurant.

4) Dürüm


The interesting fact about this food is that you can find this food in luxury restaurants and beside streets at the same time. For a great experience with this meal in Bambi or Kicilkayalar, take a taxi to Taksim square and eat this delicious food at every time of the day.

5) Tantuni

It’s very similar to Dürüm. Tantini includes meat, tomato, pepper and different spices and a think bread. You can choose to eat it with a lot of spices or even with no spices, but most if the Mersin natives which Tantuni is originated from there, believe that it should be served with a lot of spices.

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