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24 Aug
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Want to travel? You prefer an airplane? So, you start looking for the cheapest and more convenient one. But do you think the price of your ticket and your accommodation is the only thing to worry about?

Think again. There are other ways that if you are not careful about you may lose a considerable amount of money. Here are some of the places that your money can be wasted on at the air port.

Buying water:

Thirsty travelers often make the big mistake of paying for water bottles once they get through the security checkpoint at the airport. One thing that you can do is to have an empty bottle that you can fill up later with water after you passed the security.

Eating at the airport:

It’d be a mistake to plan to eat at the airport before boarding a flight as airports are notorious for cornering travelers with steep food and drink prices. Like stadiums and other venues, airports have consistently overcharged passengers who are killing time and out of options for food.

Paying money for Wi-Fi:

As for everything else at the airport paying for Wi-Fi is a big mistake. With the people these days connecting to the net, it happens that sometimes the passengers who don’t have access to their nets have to pay for it at the airport. This can cost them a lot.

Printing your boarding pass at the airport:

Before going to the airport make sure if your airline charges you with the extra money if you need your boarding pass to print.

Exchanging money:

If you want to transfer or exchange your money you should know that the airport will charge you extra for doing so.

Switching to an earlier flight:

There are some people who would do anything to buy an early ticket. Some air lines would charge you extra for the ticket price to do that.


Driving to the airport in a rush to catch your flight might prompt you to choose the parking lot closest to arrivals, but that wouldn’t be economical. At first glance, hourly lots have cheaper rates per hour. But if you plan on traveling for longer than a day, it will cost you much more to park in that lot versus long-term lots.

Using the first class:

Although it’s very tempting to fly first class if your flight is not that too long it would not sound very economical.

Packing an overweight bag:

Perhaps you chose not to divide your luggage into multiple smaller bags. That’s unfortunate because one of the costliest airport mistakes travelers can make is arriving ready to board with luggage that surpasses the weight limits. Each airline charges varying nonrefundable overweight luggage fees per person that could put a serious damper on any planned vacation spending.

So, the lighter you travel the more convenient it would be for you. These were just some points that you had better consider if you don’t want to lose much money on your air traveling.



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