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20 Nov
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Are you the oldest and smartest children in the family? Or are you the youngest and the most rebellious one? Either from a scientific way or public perspective, it matters what position you fit in your family. A lot of people believe that these numbers bring special characteristics into your life. Is it true or not?

According to a research conducted at Leipzig University, researchers reviewed the birth order and its impact on the behavior of 20 thousands of American, English and German participants. They actually studied the effect of this ranking on the intelligence, being introvert or extrovert, Neurological problems, awareness, intellectuality, being loveable and innovation.

 The studies indicate that firstborn children in the family are smarter than their siblings, but it doesn’t affect the other factors.

What are the characteristics of firstborn children?

You may know that most human intelligence is acquired, and only 40% is related to genetics, so the difference between IQS of a family’s children is the effect of the environment! One of the most important reasons is they get a lot of attention in their first years of their life and also they are more expected to be a successful person than their siblings.

Evidence shows that the birth order can possibly affect behavior and personality too. As it mentioned, they are at the center of attention and parents pay special attention to them and it makes them more cautious, tidier and more responsible. Parents expectations raise them up as an ambitious and greedy person who is interested in jobs like lawyer or doctor or manager. They actually experience being mother or father through helping their parents with their little sisters or brothers. It brings them an aware and trustful personality.

American Research shows that most of the CEOs of big companies are firstborn children of their family. Let’s know some of the famous firstborn children:

1) Beyoncé

2) Bill Clinton

3) Emma Watson

4) Steve Balmer

5) Taylor Swift

6) Hillary Clinton

7) Sylvester Stallone

8) Richard Branson

9) J.K. Rowling

10) Kate Middleton

11) Oprah Winfrey

12) Winston Churchill

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