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12 Sep
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Meeting people for the first time? Entering a place for the first time? How important is it for you to impress the people you meet for the first time? Do you worry or get anxious about how you may look or sound in front of others?

We all know these emotions and feelings. Most of us are worried about what others think of us for the first time. As they say, the first impression is very important.

Depending on the situations our movements and in other words our body language should differ to make the right impression. The factors that should be considered to make the right impact on others are discussed here.

Assess the situation before you make your entrance. Before you enter somewhere decide what kind of situation it is. Is it informal or formal?

For an informal gathering where everybody knows you don’t try to grab everybody’s attraction for you may be known as a self- centered person.

Don’t be always late. If for a reason or another you are late it’s ok. As long as you don’t distract the place and the people there. If you could give the reason and apologize for being late. Being late once is ok but if you are always late you will be known as an unreliable person.

Have right emotions for the right situations. If you are entering a funeral you don’t want to laugh loudly or if you are attending a party you don’t want to look sad or aloof. We should know what kind of reaction and emotions is needed for the situation on hand. Serious occasions such as business meetings or parent-teacher gatherings require that you display a certain level of gravitas. For holiday gatherings, on the other hand, you want to appear pleasant and relaxed. In other words, take the emotional temperature of the situation and display your own feelings accordingly. If the situation is one demanding a poker face, and you want no emotion to show, then put your face and body in a relaxed, neutral state.

Pause briefly to gather your thoughts. If for any reasons you are late for something and don’t know what is going on in the gathering just take a minute look around and try to gather your thoughts to have a hold on the situation. Look around at the people in the room. When you enter a room or gatherings try to have some kind of connections with the people next to you or near you. By nodding or smiling or having eye contact you can say that you are enjoying the presence of others.

Determine when you’re not the center of attention. In some gatherings, we are not the center of attention. Don’t try to have everybody’s attention and accept the fact that others are there for another person. When the main person arrives don’t try to be the first to show off. Others are there to benefit from the presence too.

Don’t despair if you’ve blown your opening move. Okay, so you entered the room and tripped on the leg of a chair. Maybe you’re a teacher meeting your class for the first time and fall down a step leading to the classroom. You’re meeting a blind date, and your feet just go out from under you. These “oops” moments are not insurmountable. When they happen to brush it off and go on with the situation.


Great entrances are often grand, but they’re most likely to be successful if they’re appropriate for the situation. Once you’ve mastered your ability to control what happens first, you’ll be far more likely to enjoy yourself and create a great impression, no matter what happens next.

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