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14 Oct
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Feminism is not about superiority of one gender above another, but it’s about the equality between all humans. If you’re against it, so you’re supporting sexism and sexual discrimination!

These days’ Medias affect people thoughts in a way that a great portion of society concludes sexists and who are subconsciously supporting a specific gender and have a prejudiced attitude toward another, which is a definition of a Patriarchal society in which most of the jobs are for men and women don’t participate in civic events.

The most dominant reason for moving a society toward these prejudiced thoughts is that they’re scared of treating everyone in the same way, they’re scared of equality and actually, they’re scared of change.

From the first day of our life, society has thought us that girls and boys should play with different toys, dolls and kitchen toys are particularly for girls and building, guns and car toys are made for boys! This is subconscious! You may not know that you’re continuing this wrong stereotype; our children should know that regardless of their gender, they are all human.

Everybody should learn that a human has the right to be happy no matter if you are a male, female or none of them.

These prejudiced gender roles are destroying the opportunity for scientific, cultural and social developments in society as every human has a specific ability and talent so excluding the large group of society makes them useless and wasted.

Nobody should be scared of this movement, its only goal is to create a peaceful society in which you are not affected by your gender and the quality of life won’t be under the influence of who you are but what you try to be and how much is your ability. We all should feel free to participate in every part of the society no matter what gender we have born with.

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