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26 Feb
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Have you ever thought how we can cope with our children’s fears or how we can help them to get over them? In the following article you will know more about how to do so.

Many people believe that putting children in a situation that they are afraid of can help them to overcome it. In fact, the only thing that disappears is their trust to us. also, we shouldn’t deny our child’s feelings. Don’t use sentences like you should be scared, it’s nothing, you should be brave or you are older now and shouldn’t be afraid of anything. These sentences just deny their feelings and we don’t want to do that.


Children’s fears

Depending on their age children are afraid of different things. For example, infants and newborns are more afraid of loud voices and as they get older for example when they are two or five they may be afraid from darkness or small animals around them. Little by little they may even get afraid of natural disasters like lightening, storms or even rain and snow.

Even teenagers may be afraid of what other people think about them and how they may judge them.

Although the strength of these fears is different in children. The power of imagination in children is very high and sometimes they cannot distinct between the reality and fiction therefore, by watching some horror movies or cartoons they may get scared very much.


What should we do with the dilemma

The best thing that we can do is not denying our kid’s feelings. Try to have sympathy with your kid and make your kid sure that you understand him/her. If your kid is afraid of his/her room go inside with her/him and check the place to make sure nothing is there to be afraid of. If your kid is afraid of sleeping alone, you can sleep with your kid for a while and make sure that she/he feels comfortable again.


If the problem still stays there and your child is really in trouble then ask for a professional help.

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