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28 Dec
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Poor or rich, we all have some free time. The time that we don’t have anything to do but to rest. Different people do different things when they have free time, but have you ever wondered how rich people spend their free time?

Here we tell you about some of them.

The first one is Dieter Mateschitz, the billionaire owner of the Red Bull energy drink company, who attended the men's downhill at the Hahnenkamm Ski Races in 2004 in Austria. About 7.2% of rich people go skiing on their free time.


About 7.7% of rich people are watch lovers and spend their free time to collect watches.


7.8% of them go fishing. Most of them like fishing because they get the chance to be alone and forget about their busy lives.



8.1% are Jewelry lovers. They either go shopping for them or collect them as their hobby.


8.8% choose hunting. But different people hunt different animals. Either they are collectors or do it just for fun.


10.9% of dining. Eating can be a great fun and a good hobby to spend your free time. Some of them do cooking for fun or follow it as a second job.

11% of rich people go for golfing. This sport is very popular among the rich and famous people because it is an expensive sport and is not affordable for everybody.


12.1% of rich people go to cultural events. Some celebrities try to be familiar with different cultures and people from around the world so why not make it a hobby to enjoy.

12.3% of them like Bill Gates do reading in their free time. Books are the best friends ever.

13.1% enjoy their time by going to see football or soccer games.

14.1% are collectors and collect different things.

14.5% are automobile lovers and fill their times with anything that is related to cars such as buying the oldies or racing with it.

14.8% are into exercise and health issues. For example, Facebook founder loves to run when he is free.

14.9% are keen on boating. Spending time on the water has always been fun especially for rich people who can afford to buy boats to enjoy the ride of it.

15.9% of them like to spend their free time on drinking wine.

22.2% of rich people are interested in politics.


Fashion, art, traveling and doing Charity are other things that rich people like doing in their free time.

How do you like to spend your free time?

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