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3 Dec
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Each country or city has its own famous street and each famous street is famous for a reason. Let’s look at some famous streets around the world.


Lombard Street

The street is in San Francisco and is famous for its turning ways. There are 8 turning points and to make it safer, hills have been made to reduce the speed of automobiles.


La Rambla

It is one of the most crowded street in the city of Barcelona in Spain. The street is not only crowded with people but it has many trees too. The number of tourists is more than the local people in this street which have caused the kind of shops and the nature to be different in general.


Orchard Road

This street is the main street in Singapore for shopping and it not only is an attractive street for tourists but the locals like the street too to hang around and spend their free time. There are many shopping malls, numerous local restaurants and coffee shops, and hotels. The street is also the place where Singapore president stays. During Christmas time the street is famous for the holiday decoration.


Wall Street

This street is very famous in New York. The name reminds us of trading and money exchange. Wall Street is a narrow street that goes from Broadway down to the River street. It has been named Wall street because back in the 17th century the Dutch made a wall to limit their society. In the 18th century, traders would gather under the trees in the street and would do trading informally. It became the source of money market in New York in 1817.


Via Dolorosa

The word Via Dolorosa in Latin means the path of sorrow. It is a famous street in the old Jerusalem and is made of two parts where Jesus Christ has walked in it before his crucifixion. The street has been changed a lot since then but the pilgrims walk the path to remember the pain that Jesus tolerated.


Champs Elysees

The street with its movie theaters, luxurious shops, and oak trees is one of the most famous streets in Paris and France. The street is a very fine place for shopping. Since not many people can afford to live in the street the upper part of the shops are usually occupied with offices.


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