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2 Dec
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You should build your brand on the main core, what is the main core? Absolutely a SLOGAN!

A slogan is a group of words which companies are known to us by them. You may also saw some slogans which are totally irrelevant to their brands. You should make a smart choice. Let’s see some famous slogans we are all familiar with.

1) Nike: Just do it.

Understanding the purpose of Nike’s slogan is not a hard thing. This famous brand is more than just sports clothes or other sports equipment. It has actually introduced a new concept with this slogan. This encourages you to think that for being healthy and fit, you don’t have to be a professional sportsman. You should just do it.

2) L’Oreal: because you’re worth it.

Everyone likes to be deserved. Who chose this great slogan were totally aware of this fact that women love to seem beautiful, loveable and deserved.  This slogan is not really about the products of this company but it’s the final result of using these products.

3) Apple: Think Different.

This slogan first appeared in one of the T.V commercials. This is referred to the commerce campaign of IBM, Think IBM. It was soon used in every one of this company’s advertisement. However, the Apple had not offered any significant new product.

4) BMW: The Ultimate Driving Machine

This is a German car factory which sells cars to the whole world. This slogan first created in the 1970s by a not famous commercial agency named “Ammirati & Puris”. The goal was to demonstrate the great power of these cars and their value to pay for it.

5) M & M: Melts in your mouth, not in your hands.”

This is easy to understand. You may think that all chocolates are the same, what makes this one different? One of the reasons is that it's easy to use. This company has also been able to distinguish it from other chocolates by adding a hardcover to chocolate and used this slogan to show the distinction.

6) McDonald’s: I’m lovin’ it.

This Campaign since 2003 still is going on. This slogan is a great example of those brands which have been designed in accordance with the brand’s goal. The McDonald’s foods may not be the healthiest choice but being healthy is not the thing they’ve promised. They’re definitely delicious and you’ll fall in love with the taste! 

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