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27 Feb
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Social networking sites are used widely throughout the world and the users are from different types of ages and genders. The following article is about how much couples should spend time on social media like Facebook and how they should use it.


Don’t make a fake ID

Some people for their own reasons make fake IDs and try to have their real one hidden. As for always, honesty is the best policy. Sooner or later your partner may know about this and the trust between you two may get ruined.


Get rid of some friends

There are some people who are not very safe for your relationship. Then don’t hesitate and either block them or dump them.


Stop being too confidential

A healthy relationship is all about the trust and understanding with your partner. If you are going to get married soon or you are married, then it’s suggested not to be too confidential. If you try to be more confidential, then it’s an indication that you are trying to hide something from your partner. So, if it’s okay for you, then there is nothing wrong with sharing your Facebook password with your spouse. Don’t try to hide certain pictures or posts from your partner as this might create doubts and affect your relationship.


Don’t hide your relationship status

If you are married or engaged don’t hide it and expose your true relationship with proud. Upload your shared pictures and let others know about your relationship.

This way you show to your partner that you are proud of the relation.


Clean the unnecessary

All thanks to Mark Zuckerberg for creating this awesome idea of ‘Timeline’ because now, your past life is like an open book for your partner. It all is visible-whatever stuff you did in the past, the number of boyfriends you ended up with, nasty comments that you made on your friends’ wall or maybe some desperate pictures of you and your so-called ex-boyfriend. Your prospective spouse can see them all; you can only save your life from major destruction by deleting all such posts immediately. Let your profile show that who you are going to be rather than showing who you were.


Spend less time on the net

Now that you know how to use Facebook so that your partner is relaxed with your page but try to spend less time on it and spend more time in the real world with your beloved partner.

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