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26 Sep
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Nowadays most of the people are either a member of a social media or are at least familiar with one. Among these media, Facebook is the most popular followed by Instagram. But why Facebook is the most liked one?


Easiest to use

A reason why Facebook is so popular is that it is very easy to use, even a child can use it by clicking the mouse. You can post pictures, like or share any texts or photos in a very easy way.

Better connection

The look and convenience of Facebook are another reason why it has a high number of users. You can easily find your friends, favorite celebrities and even with the new feature you can call your friends.


Information source

Other than its social face and side among the people and their loved ones, it’s a good place where people can know about the world news and comment about it.



Not only one can connect with relatives and friends and know about the world news, Facebook provides applications and games that can be used by users to kill time. Or even chat with strangers to fill their empty time and moments.


Searching for old friends

Facebook lets you look for the ones you have lost during the time. By just searching their names it is possible for you to find a friend from school, college or any place from your past life.


No other strong competitors

Facebook still remains high and strong in the world of social media. Although Instagram has its own place among the users still Facebook has its own good reputation.


No adult content

Facebook is very much strict for the photos or inappropriate texts. It has special policies that let parents not to worry too much about their children using it.


Regular updating

If you are a Facebook user you have seen how it has changed since it has been launched or found. It keeps updating itself so that the users can have better and updating ways of being connected to the world.


High security

The Email and passwords are very much secured in Facebook. With the high level of safety, it has become nearly impossible for the hackers to open an account not owned by them. Apart from this, a notification message is also sent if someone tries to open the account from another location than the used one.

So users know that their data is safe and secured. All of these features have helped Facebook to stay high and strong in the world of social media. the introduction of Like button, sharing of images and videos, News Feed, Timeline and Trending Topics with a much more beautified and handsome versions which have led the website to become the most commercial networking platform with over 900 million users around the globe.


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