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7 Aug
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Exercise is so good for the body even scientists are still finding out more about it

There are so many different reasons for why we need to exercise and when it comes to living a healthy life, every single one of them count. When we put this approach into perspective, we realize that it is not about just a workout and in fact, we have to use various forms of exercises and athletic activity in order to diversify. This is because not everyone can go to the gym and only use dumbbells. In fact, beyond a certain point and age, one needs to take special measures in order to avoid permanent injuries while exercising. Leave alone the gym culture that has been developing recently and with it bringing in some really bad habits, such as substance abuse, hardcore mentality and aggressive behavior towards pushing physical limitations. Therefore, whenever exercise is a must, caution needs to be held in planning. As well, diet, sleep and rest are also part of the equation. When we exercise, the need for rest and proper food for the body becomes extremely important. One important factor ignored by most people is that exercise needs a food culture made for that specific exercise. For example, if the exercise is a cardio intensive one then light and high calorie diets need to be administered into that exercise plan. Further, resting the body and sleeping are also part of the foundations of a good workout. A concrete and early sleep of eight hours is mandatory, at least on the days exercise takes place.
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