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19 Apr
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You may pass a lot of bridges crossed over highways, rivers or lakes without feeling insecure or considering the dangers. But passing rope bridges or hanging bridges without caring will be too dangerous. You’re going to read 25 dangerous bridges which you should never think of them.

1) Aiguille Du Midi Bridge, France

This bridge is located at the height of 365.7 meters and it’s not recommended to who have heart problems.

2) Royal George Bridge, Colorado, USA

This is 365.76 meters high. This bridge makes you believe in American modern engineering.

3) Carrick- A- Rede Rope Bridge, United Kingdom

This bridge is located at the height of 23 meters and it is 20 meters wide. This is the only way to Carrick Island. This scary bridge was made of just a row of ropes in the past.

4) Cape William Moore Bridge, Alaska

 This bridge was designed for heavy trucks in 1976. The bridge is very shaky and it’s too scary to cross it. There have been plenty of programs to destroy and replace it so far.

5) Mount Titlis Bridge, Switzerland

It’s said that this bridge is one of the highest bridges of Europe; this is located in 3000 meters above the sea. Crossing this bridge will be so challenging and exciting and you will get a chance to control your fears.

6) Marienbruecke, Germany

This bridge was built in 1840 by Maxi Milan prince II for his hiking partner, Marie. This bridge provides the most beautiful view of its wonderful surrounding nature and the deep valley below the bridge. It has been rehabilitated many times so it too risky to pass this bridge but also so exciting.

7) Trift Bridge, Switzerland

This is known as one of the most dangerous hanging bridges which are located in the Thrift glacier near to the Alps. This is 100.584 high from the sea and has 170.6 lengths.

8) Mackinac Bridge, Michigan

You can name this bridge as one of the modern wonders. This dangerous bridge exposed to extreme winds. So it’s strong enough to tolerate the weight of the car. As most of the drivers get nervous while passing this bridge so US officials have hired some specific professional drivers to cross the passengers over this bridge.

9) Canopy Walk, Ghana

There is an interesting place for walking in the height of 130 meters in Ghana. A long bridge which is connected by ropes from tree to tree. You should be so brave to pass this bridge.

10) U Bein Bridge, Myanmar

This is the oldest wooden bridge in the world, built in 1850. This bridge has 1.5 kilometers lengths. You don’t need to worry while you’re crossing this bridge because it’s been well secured.

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