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27 Jan
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When you have a newborn baby it’s only natural that you get excited and wanting the best for your baby. All mothers around the world are like that. The best gift for your newborn is the mother’s milk. Therefore, increasing the milk and its quality should be very important for you. It the following article we tell you what things are good to drink or eat in order to increase mother’s milk.



The fiber present in the oatmeal makes your digestion easy and gives you lots of energy. Oatmeal is one of the nutrients that increases mother’s milk. It decreases your cholesterol and makes you relaxed. It’s suggested that mothers have a bowl of cereals that have oats.



As you know salmon is rich in nutrients such as Omega three and fatty acids. The nutrients are very beneficial for mothers who feed infants and have newborns.



When we talk about spinach we usually think of Iron. It is also rich in folic acid and calcium. Besides spinach, other vegetables and beans are good for mothers. The nutrients are not only good for mothers but they also increase baby’s physical strength.



Unlike people’s belief that may think eating garlic is not good for mothers because of its odor it should be mentioned that it is one of the best nutrients for breastfeeding mothers. The smell makes the newborn have more appetite for eating so it is all right for the mothers to have garlic as much as they want.



If you want the best nutrition for your newborn, then add almonds to your diet. They are rich in vitamin E and it also increased mother’s milk.


Water and fruit juices

Of course, the thing that should not be neglected is water or any fruit juices that you can drink. The more water and juices the mother drinks the more milk she will have to give to her baby.


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