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6 Jan
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The word “Entertainment” is specific for some activities which give you the power to continue your daily life or even make the hardness of life seems easier and tolerable.

These activities could be a single specific thing or even a wide range of mental, physical or spiritual works mixed together as it also affects these aspects of your life at the same time.

Almost all people love Holidays, actually, they work or study and pass exam times the whole year hoping an interesting, relaxing holiday, and the only motivating factor to continue is holidays, everyone needs some time spent on their personal favorite things.

Actually, the mutual effect of Entertainment and society is one of the most important issues which can’t be ignored. Is entertainment really helps people in order to continue a healthy life? Is developing an entertainment structure could be effective in sustainable development?

These days entertainment has become a social concern, Urban growth and the change in work forms have made people work in line with the requirements and programming of the Modern society, so the need for entertainment in modern society is more necessary than before, especially if you just work for living and your job is free of any innovation and changes you are the most entertainment required person!

So Entertainment is called a physical, mental and spiritual renovation factor! It helps to social and individual health, also qualifies the lifestyles and leads the society to a happier one.

Also, the kind of entertainments people tend to is based on their economic, social, sexual situation or their location.

Among the factors which lead to a sustainable developed society, healthy human force and ultimately a healthy society is the most prominent one, so society should provide equipment which people could easily find happiness and balance in their life. 

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