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16 Nov
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English tea is very popular around the world. Drinking tea goes back to way back in time like 3000 BC in China and wasn’t in England up to the middle of 17th century and after that, it spread throughout Asia.

It is interesting to know that it was the café s in London that introduced tea to England for the first time.

Thomas Garvey was a famous tea trader who had a café in Exchange Alley in London. He started giving his customers tea in 1657 and after three years he made a tea advertisement saying “fill your body with energy to avoid aging”.

From then on tea became people’s favorite beverage, but some shoppers didn’t like it because it had caused the other beverages to sell less than usual.

Charles the II made strict rules for selling tea to stop its growth but it was so unwise and unusual that it became impossible to keep the rules. After that café s were made to have a certification to sell tea.

Another thing that was done against tea product was putting a heavy tax on it. The taxing brought out another new industry and it was tea smuggling. It is said that the afternoon tea was first done by the seventh wife of Duke Bedford called Ana.

In the early of 1800, she brought up the idea to have tea between lunch and dinner with the family members. The custom soon began to spread among workers too because they didn’t have much to eat after lunch and after a while, it became like a culture for everybody else.

The root of English tea shops that are very popular and loved by people goes back to one person. The manager of a bread company started giving tea and food to its special customers and soon other people inside the shop asked for the tea too.

The gesture became very popular among others, especially among women because they could sit in a quiet and cozy place and spend some time with their friends.

Drinking tea also brought another industry alive and that was china set. In order to have a cup of tea people needed a china cup to drink it properly and that was how china cups also became necessary for this popular way of spending time together.

So, it all started with one person idea and continued with other people’s interest and became popular throughout the world.


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