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20 Dec
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Nowadays that most of us have mobiles and the net to use then there is no excuse for not learning English. Here we introduce some applications to help you out with your English language.


Rosetta Stone

With this application, English is taught in the English language and it starts with very easy words and then introduces more complicated ones by using phrases and useful sentences. In general, you are put in an English environment with pictures and different phrases to increase your English language.



If you want to improve your vocabulary but don’t like to memorize them then this application can help you to learn them by games. There are some games designed for you to use new words and keep using them until you memorize them.

Games are the way here to teach you English.



This application like the above one helps you to improve your vocabularies but not by using games. There are special methods used to get you from the beginning level to very advanced one. Stories and phrases will help you out.



The way of teaching the English language in this application is divided into different sections. The sections start from beginners to advanced ones. The lessons are done in a typical system but with new definitions and new ways.



One of the problems with English learners is forgetting English words after some time. The application uses SRS method (Spaced Repetition Software) to help you remember the words that were taught two weeks ago. By repetition, it helps you to remember the words and not forget them.



By using this application, you not only can improve your vocabularies but also you can practice your speaking. At the end of each lesson, there are some keywords, conversations or writings for you to practice the new lesson.


Now with knowing these applications on your cell phones, there is no excuse for not learning English and not being able to practice it.

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