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18 Jun
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English, A Universal Language

English, A Universal Language


English is a universal language, commonly used in a variety of fields. It is said that English is your way of communication because it is spoken and understood by over 1.5 billion people around the world. Statistics show that by 2020 over 2 billion people will be learning English, which enables them to discuss ideas and interact with different inhabitants of the world. It is the world’s second largest native language and is spoken in over 70 countries.

English started expanding ever since the British Empire started when the UK expanded its industrial empire taking over North America, Australia, New Zealand, West and South Africa, South and South-East Asia. When the empire fell apart after World War 2, the USA took over with its economic and political domination ensuring that English remains a global language.

English is now a leading language in business. It is apparent that in order to enter the international market, one should learn English to be able to communicate with overseas clients and business associates.

English is the most universal language when it comes to art, entertainment, and culture as well. The famous film and music industries are well appreciated when you learn English. You can enjoy watching historical and biographical movies with no subtitles and understand popular songs. Plus, the best-selling novels written by American and English Authors are much more interesting when you are able to read them in their original versions.

In Addition to that, English is a very easy-going language, it encourages people to speak as they please. Every day new terms appear, thanks to the social media, allowing people to express themselves freely. Terms like hashtags, blogging, tagging, tweeting and many more are all part of this new vocabulary that Social Media created and are now commonly used in our everyday chats.

Finally, mastering English creates a world of opportunities. It is the language of many fields including, trade, tourism, technology, finance, and science. It is beneficial to learn English if you are planning to enroll in a multi-national company and to improve your communication skills with the global market. English enables any aspiring worker to have a strong voice and a platform to expand and grow his/her skills.


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