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10 May
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How engineers have changed the world? And why should we support their innovations?

Health Industry: Engineering affects all hospitals, doctors, and generic pharmaceutical industries. If these advances were not in drug technology, doctors could not scan patients and treat them faster, and there were no simple devices like the heart rate monitor. In addition, the capacity of these systems to track data and use this information in anticipation of diseases also indicates the impact of technology and engineering in medicine.

Engineers have changed the form of technology in each generation, in recent years, engineering assistance and collaboration have been completed at the end of World War II and the advancement of technology has been great. Not only with the touch of the fingertips, we can see the world and trade anywhere in the world, and engineers have caused satellites and devices to come into existence that changes our everyday lives. All computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones all have the effects of engineers on the world.

The expansion of communication is also the result of engineering effects. We can access a person with the touch of a button at any time, anywhere, the first radio signal transpired the Atlantic in 1901. The first television signal was created in 1962.

Steam engines, jet engines and airplanes, and overall industry progression mean that businesses are smarter and faster.

These are new words used in this content. Read them and try to remember them.

Communication–Button- Atlantic OceanSteam engine-More smarter-The medical Industry- Treat-Pacemaker-Capacity-Predict- Generation- Contribution- Phenomenal- Fingertip

Learning and Improving english by





Learning and improving English by


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