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8 Jan
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 We need the energy to strengthen our body and our mind and also to stay healthy. This amount of energy should adequately be available every day. The result is:

- Feeling good

- Reaching our goals

- Enjoying daily life

Having less energy leads you to laziness, grief, weakness, tiredness, being under pressure and sleeping disorders. If you have a lot of energy, you laugh a lot and you are a happy person who can easily do his/her duties. In other words, being energetic make you interested in moving forward and developing, you avoid laziness and you are full of life feeling.

So we can define the word energy by these words: Hygiene, strength, power, interests of moving, resistance, early rising and dynamic.

What should we do to be an energetic person? The first important factor is good nutrition. The other affecting things are enough sleep and rest, healthy environment, enough exercises and having supportive people around yourself. You can add every other topic to this list if you think that it’s effective for increasing your energy.

What consumes your energy?

- Some specific times of the days: Have you ever experienced mental exhaustion during the day? Have you ever felt that you are not efficient?

- Season: In which season you feel lazier and reluctant to do your job? Spring or summer?

- Eating: Does eating or drinking some special things make you feel tired and weak?

- Exercises: Do you feel that lesser that you exercise, weaker you become?

- Sleeping: Is it hard for you to do your job if you have not got enough sleep the night before?

- Illness: Do you need more sleep when you’re ill?

- Stress and Tension: Do you feel that you’re losing your energy?

You should lose the things that make you tired and lazy, pay attention to an example:

1) Traveling makes me tired.

2) Winter makes me lazy.

3) at late nights I don’t have energy.

So, this list helps you know yourself and expect some inefficient time for yourself.

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