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28 Dec
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Cairo is the capital of Egypt and the biggest city in the whole Arabian countries. It has a very old history and as you know the famous river Nile passes through this city. It is the history of this city that has made it an attractive place for tourists. Pyramids, delicious Arabian foods, and other attractions are such.  

It is said that the first African mosque was built in this city. Cairo is located in the northern part of the country.

Cairo is two hours and a half behind Tehran’s time. Their language is Egyptian-Arabic and the currency is Egypt pound. The city has an airport that is called Cairo International airport.

The weather is usually warm and the country has only two warm seasons and a very mild cold or wintery one. During the warm season, the temperature gets to 35 degrees centigrade, so the best months to travel to this country is from March to April or October to November when the temperature is milder.

If you want to get around the city you’d better use a taxi because the transportation system is not very on time and regular.

One of the ways to have fun and entertaining is to use the cruise that is offered on the river Nile.

The places that are attractive for tourists are the pyramids, Egypt museum, Al Zahra mosque, the old part of Cairo.

By walking in the city you feel that you are walking in history and the pyramids are the most attractive ones for tourists. There are different types of pyramids with their own identities that are interesting to know about.

So if you plan to travel to Egypt make your plan during the time that was mentioned above and visits the places that are said well to visit. Don’t forget to try one of the cruises offered there.

Have fun.

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