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18 Jan
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Dunkirk is the latest movie of Christopher Nolan which most of the audiences enjoyed it a lot. Christopher Nolan is a cinema phenomenon who has his own special movie making style. This style is so rich which ordinary audiences and also critics are interested in.

Nolan shows his talents in movie making as a technique, not an art.  He knows the pictures and more important than that he knows how to narrate a story. Dunkirk doesn’t focus on dialogues or casts or even the story of the movie, it’s all about making the best scenes.

Dunkirk has been always a historical war mystery. 400 thousands of British soldiers are been surrounded by Nazis. There is no way out except a canal in their front sea. This canal is so narrow which huge ships can’t pass, so they have to wait for cruises.

This movie is narrating this event from three different perspectives. The first one is from the soldiers in the beach; the second one is from the sight of jet fighters pilots and the last story is about a cruise sailing toward the Dunkirk.

These three perspectives are not related and the war is their only sharing point. The film’s background is totally harsh. The one remained soldier among the other 400 thousands of soldiers is cast by Harry Styles who is not an actor. He’s known by the One Direction music group.

The tragedy is different in this movie; you’re not supposed to cry but you will be sacred as the soldiers in the movie. The background music which is playing during the whole movie gives the audiences the fear of war.

Actually, this movie is about surviving. Surviving of a lot of soldiers who were looking for help and finally they made it. The sea and air saviors are also on their way but they have their own problems. Transferring between different scenes is Nolan’s special style which indicates the different perspectives of this event. 

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