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20 Jul
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Don't stop dreaming but do start learning English anyways

Learn English and live your dreams
Everybody wants to go to America and learn English. If you talk to people, some of them will tell you that their biggest dream is to meet the man or woman of their dreams in New York and live happily ever after. That is a good dream to have but it is not realistic. Anyone who lives in New York can tell you that getting to the city is one thing but living there is a whole other thing. Finding love in New York or any other dream city is also a huge challenge. What you have to understand is that wanting to learn English has to be about using it for a greater objective. You have to use your English in professional settings. You also have to learn English in order to communicate with the outside world. That is what English should be learned for above all other reasons. That way you can acuminate an unbelievable amount of knowledge in English.
Your communication with the world is simply not possible without you being able to access English information on line. So you can discuss what dreams you may have all you want, but the bottom line is that you have to start somewhere. That somewhere is in front of a computer reading. Not just any reading, but English reading. Once you do that, you will have a great idea about what is available for you. So before everything else, you have to start learning English and that can also take place in front of a computer. If you ask anyone, who has ever lived outside of their hometown or country, they will tell you that it is not an easy thing to accomplish. The second thing they will tell you is how hard it was for them to communication in English when they first arrived. In fact, if you ask people who have had immigrated to Canada or the United States, they will tell you that this was their biggest challenge, because it was a gate way to everything else.
So fantasize about traveling to New York and marrying the man of your dreams, but have a second strategy as well. You never know. You may just find your dream man or woman in your own country and fall in love there instead of New York. But consider the fact that you have more chance of finding your soul mate, applying for immigration with him or her and being the one who’s English is so good that the immigration actually become possible on your account. So do not try to climb the steps of success without having the ability to account for some of that success too. You never know, but you may just find out in ten years that you did learn English, and then got accepted to an English country on the account of your English skills and knowledge, then were able to find your way to Sydney, or California, or Vancouver, or Toronto, or even New York, and were actually able to find your soul mate there. However, all of that begins in front of a computer and by learning English fully. So start your dream now and find out just how much you were able to accomplish with that in ten years. You will be amazed at the results no matter what the outcomes may be. That is a promise.
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